About us

Grupo Plásticos Ferro, GPF, is comprised of a group of companies dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of products and systems based on plastic materials. It is the leading company in the Iberian Peninsula and the fifth in Europe in the manufacture and marketing of plastic piping and accessories.

An extensive knowledge of the market, the development in its management model, diversification and investment in emerging sectors such as aquaculture, and innovation in the use of plastic materials for the creation of new lines of business, have made GPF one of the largest and most solid business groups in the sector in Europe.

The network of companies that comprise GPF have an industrial surface area, in permanent growth, of 700,000 m2, with 8 manufacturing plants and 16 logistics centres in the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco. The group’s high production and stocking capacity allows it to provide the most agile response to market demands, enabling GPF to constantly expand at international level.

The prestige, recognised quality and acceptance of the products and services offered by the GPF group are the result of the creation of stable working groups, with a committed and highly qualified team of professionals, of continuous research, and of the use of the most cutting-edge technology.

In turn, GPF invests in the development of environmental policies and initiatives aimed at achieving the highest possible levels of sustainability, based on an even balance between economic, social and environmental requirements.